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#BoltonAtWork 2016

Following the success of #SownInBolton, Bolton at Home invited me to tell the story of their employment support programme.

Each of their neighbourhood advice centres (UCANs) have computers available for job searching and each week hold a work club offering specialist advice.

The staff are hugely passionate about helping others and can support customers with all kinds of issues that might get in the way of being ‘job ready’.

Through my sketches and interviews, I was able to tell some personal success stories and get the work club message across not only to customers but to other parts of the organisation.

Some of the work was designed to be seen on social media, and some printed as A1 posters.

what_we_doa1colourfinalall_ucans_a1_edited-1glynis_john_edited-1314supported everyone_who_comesa1men_at_computer_tweat steven_tweat

work_readya1carol_b_002_edited-2 seana1-columns christine_tweettonge_moor_ucan_tweat unpicking_final01-copysean_tweat men_in_sheds_a1_edited-1




The following double page spread appeared in the tenant magazine.