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How Bad is That? 2022

I live and work in Manchester, a city of extremes.

In the last couple of decades Manchester has enjoyed a welcome resurgence. With its city centre living and vibrant nightlife, it now often tops the polls as the UK’s trendiest place to move to.

There are other ‘polls’ too. Some Manchester neighbourhoods are consistently near the top of the list for the most disadvantaged areas in the country.

The fun and trendy side gets lots of coverage. We hear plenty about the culture, the vibe. We hear a lot less from the other side, from those for whom each day is a struggle.

Throughout my career as a photographer and writer I’ve taken time out to tell the stories of the unseen, the unheard. And now, as an artist, I’m doing it again.

Since the beginning of 2022 I’ve been popping into a small, volunteer-run food bank in Ardwick, hearing from the local people who rely on the couple of bags of groceries they pick up each week.

I’ve produced a series of posters which form a pop-up exhibition to share these stories and invite readers to contribute to the charity’s funds.

If you’re able to make a donation, please follow this link, every contribution is used directly to help those in most need. Thank you.

The pop-up exhibition can come to your workplace, place of worship, community group or event. Just ask.

The pop-up exhibition that’s highlighting food poverty and raising funds for an Ardwick food bank.