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Mayfield Stories 2019‑

A derelict former railway station, a neglected river and a dozen or more redundant industrial units; Mayfield is Manchester’s latest big regeneration project.

Fast forward 10 years and a new 6.5-acre public park will be the centrepiece of a £1bn mixed-use community including apartments, offices, shops etc.

Mayfield Manchester has commissioned me as their resident storyteller, documenting the progress on site through sketches and interviews. There is so much to sketch as the empty spaces have a plethora of uses from huge theatrical extravaganzas to small one-off workshops. I’m enjoying delving into the site’s rich history – Mayfield was the site of textile printing innovation – as well as meeting the new entrepreneurs making use of temporary spaces.

So far, I’ve produced two sketchbooks although, because of the pandemic, only the first has been printed. You can buy Mayfield Stories Sketchbook 1 from my online shop. And see Sketchbooks 1 and 2 as page-turners, below.