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MURAL from the British Council 2019

Led by the British Council, MURAL ran in six European countries in 2018–19. Its goal was to support people who want to make their communities more inclusive and stand up to discrimination. I went to a networking event in Poland to interview some of the participants and then compiled an online publication.

Here’s some lovely feedback from my client:

“We worked with Len Grant on a publication for MURAL (‘mutual understanding, respect and learning’) – a multi-partner, multi-country project funded by the European Union to support social cohesion and tackle discrimination. MURAL was complex in terms of both logistics (seven partners from six countries) and sensitivities. Len’s task was to produce an illustrated publication to ‘round up’ the event that could be presented to both the European Commission and shared among participants (social activists, social workers, etc.) and contacts of our partners.

“I can honestly say that Len is the best supplier I have worked with yet at the British Council. The service he gave was comprehensive to a level that far exceeded my expectations, and his attitude, energy and professionalism were exemplary.

“Len attended a partner networking event to conduct interviews with participants. Not only did he do this with great sensitivity and understanding, but he also held a workshop on engagement through illustration, which had resoundingly good feedback. I’ll never forget our project dinner, where Len was surrounded by participants as he did sketches of everyone on pieces of paper.

“When delivering the publication, Len was efficient, communicative and very flexible (and patient!). He met every single deadline despite having other work and this being just before Christmas. He was relaxed and cooperative when information arrived late or in dribs and drabs, or when we wanted to make last-minute changes. He both listened to what we wanted and also offered ideas and suggestions.

“The final piece is creative, engaging, friendly, full of energy and spark, and also professional and authoritative – perfect for a tricky audience. At the same time, it was almost completely clean copy – which is something that you really don’t usually get!”