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Rochdale Town Hall 2024

Over the last four years the Gothic wonder that is Rochdale Town Hall has been completely refurbished. The ceiling of its Great Hall has been cleaned of decades of smoke and dirt; the iconic angels have been tenderly restored, and the beautiful stained glass windows have been overhauled.

For its opening day in March 2024, the lovely people at the Town Hall commissioned me to document the occasion. On the day, I interviewed and photographed lots of excited local residents eager to get a glimpse of their precious Grade 1-listed Victorian marvel.

I subsequently made a 24-page booklet to celebrate the opening. Then I was commissioned to make a page plan for visitors, ‘suitable for 9- to 90-year olds’ they said, which was a lot of fun.

Here are some of the pages. You can see the whole booklet as a pageturner, here.

Here’s the floor plan I was asked to make: