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100 Years in the Making 2011

This 128-page book was prepared for Cargill, Manchester as part of their centenary celebrations. It’s a history not just of one company – a glucose factory on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal – but also a fascinating social, industrial and local history too. Drawing from interviews with past and present employees and research in local photo archives, the book follows the company from modest beginnings to multinational food producer.

For 100 Years in the Making I researched, interviewed, wrote, photographed (a little), edited and project managed.

Pictures courtesy Axis Graphic Design

“From the very outset of the project, Len, through his experience and expertise was able to understand our needs and to communicate his ideas and vision for the book in very simple, straightforward terms. Meeting with retired and current employees, and using his very relaxed approach to put people at ease he was able to capture their memories and anecdotes and also went on to interview a number of them separately.

“Using both existing archive material and researching external sources the book began to come to life, even more so when Alan from Axis Graphic Design started to produce the first layouts. The balance within the book of text, photographs, quotes and illustrations is perfect for the casual reader and also a wider audience than just within our company. 100 Years in the Making is not just a company history, but also a social and industrial history reflecting on the changes that have taken place over the decades. We are absolutely thrilled with the finished book and to have worked with both Len and Alan has been a pleasure and a delight.”

John McGarrity, Regional Marketing Coordinator, Cargill

Produced for Cargill, 2011
128 pages, softback
Design by Axis Graphic Design