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A Way of Life: Portraits from the funeral trade

In 1999, in sharp contrast to the construction photography, I completed an insight into the funeral industry. Through photographs and interviews A Way of Life examines the harsh realities of life after death. The project was produced as a touring exhibition (Viewpoint Gallery, Salford, below and Mac, Birmingham) and a book.

‘Len Grant has investigated the people who work with death, and brought them to life. The shadowy figures, unseen workers, and essential rituals are given voices, faces, and environments. All this achieved with time, integrity and some considerable photographic skill.’
Zelda Cheatle, Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London

‘Such a fine eye! Such a well-tuned ear!… A Way of Life brings faces, voices and a rich humanity. A rare and welcome find.’
Thomas Lynch, author of The Undertaking


Published by Len Grant Photography
ISBN: 0 9526720 1 4, £9.95
Introduction by Blake Morrison
48 pages, softback
Designed by Hemisphere
Available from Len Grant Photography