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Ancoats Voice Up 2015‑16

Commissioned by a community arts organisation, these portraits are part of Ancoats Voice Up, a project to re-energise the creativity of Ancoats residents.

Over the autumn and winter of 2015-16 three other artists ran workshops in sound recording, print-making and pinhole photography. Meanwhile, I met and drew residents, asking their opinions on the rapid changes their area has seen recently.

Between 2001-10 I worked extensively in this part of town, photographing the historic mills being renovated and following a major regeneration project that was to become New Islington.

For Voice Up I renewed old acquaintances and met lots of new residents who are discovering a revived Ancoats.

It’s an intriguing area – I find something different on each visit – and one that feels poised to enjoy another phase in its history.

Commissioned by creative producers and cultural connectors, Let’s Go
A celebration event took place on Sunday, 19th March, 2016. Details here.


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