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And now I’ve added sketching

Sketching. It’s a natural extension of my storytelling, another way to engage an audience and get the word out.

I’ve been sketching for three years, mainly as a keen urban sketcher, and have now decided to add this medium to my repertoire: photographer, writer, blogger, sketcher. Phew.

Reportage sketching is enjoying a resurgence just now and is being used by clients looking for something unusual that will stand out. For me it’s a great opportunity to spend time with people, listening to their views that often get incorporated into the work. Being sketched, for some subjects, can be less daunting – and more fun – than being photographed.

Check out some of my recent sketching projects: Sown In Bolton; Turn and Face the Change.


Already my work has been featured in Simone Ridyard’s wonderful book, Archisketcher, published by Apple Press.

archisketcher spread

Check out this gallery of recent urban sketches of Manchester and beyond.