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First ever mural, 2022

Imagine my excitement to have been asked to design my first ever mural for my local neighbourhood.

I’ve watched with admiration over the last few years as the most talented street artists have been invited by Withington Walls to make their mark on our part of town. This is a volunteer-led, crowdfunded initiative that not only brightens up our streets but boosts community pride.

The project got international exposure when Aske’s amazing portrait of local hero Marcus Rashford was vandalised after the Euros and, once repaired, became a focal point for an outpouring of anti-racist support.

I was asked to contribute a design for the doors and bay windows of a doctor’s surgery on Copson Street, a street I shop on each week. Having never designed a mural before I was paired with muralist Oskar Walin and together we came up with ‘What’s Up’.

It’s based on a piece I’d made of the key cabin opposite (see below) and the design was effectively a reflection of the street opposite. Each window and door panel depicts what you’d see if you were standing in that position. Thanks Oskar for that inspiration.

We came up with the phrase ‘What’s Up?’ as the sort of greeting between friends or neighbours that you might hear on this busy street. And, as Oskar’s trademark is the creative use of type, he cleverly added these letters to each of the eight panels. It’s subtle but super effective.

It was only when we’d finished that I realised ‘What’s Up?’ was also pretty appropriate for a doctor’s surgery!

Thanks Ed at Withington Walls for the opportunity. Thanks Oskar for the collab. It wouldn’t have happened without you and thanks also to my daughter Rebecca for helping with the cans.

The shutters are down over the weekends and in the evenings after surgery hours. Copson Street, Withington, M20 3HE.