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Jobs, Friends and Houses 2015‑16

In May, 2016 I published a new 160-page book about an innovative project in Blackpool that helps people in recovery from drugs or alcohol.


Jobs, Friends and Houses is a property development company that employs ex-offenders and ex-addicts who are in abstinent recovery to renovate derelict houses in the town. The properties are either sold on or rented to the recovery community.

The community interest company – set up by a serving police officer – provides quality employment, stable accommodation and a hub of people committed to turning their lives around.

‘Jobs, Friends and Houses, as Terry would say, does what it says on the tin. It’s about providing a meaningful job, a decent home and a group of like-minded friends and supporters who have also embarked on a programme of abstinent recovery. The protagonists have had enough. They’ve struggled to get off drugs and alcohol and realise their best chance of controlling their addiction is to stay off completely.’

Rock Bottom was launched at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre. (Photos by Claire Griffiths).


As well as the book, I worked with Bradley, Paul and Terry on a photography project – designed to build self-esteem – that was exhibited outside the town’s Central Library.

The project is supported by LeftCoast.