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Making Our Mark 2023

Local people making art about local places for display in their local health centre.

During 2023 I worked with community groups in Ancoats and Miles Platting to create an amazing mural made up of individual artworks painted collaboratively by the group.

There have been lots of changes in this area of Manchester over the last two decades and the established community feel pushed out by the effects of what they would describe as gentrification.

We started by looking back at old maps of the area and reminiscing about long-demolished pubs, schools and community spaces. The idea was to reestablish a sense of ownership and pride in the neighbourhoods they call home.

Each building, car, bird, person, was traced and coloured using a technique that was easy for everyone.

Once I’d compiled the overall mural, it was printed at three metres wide and installed at Ancoats Primary Health Care Centre on Old Mill Street, New Islington, the surgery for most of the participants.

In December, 2023 we had a bit of a ‘do’ to celebrate the unveiling of the work and I loved the look on 94-year-old Jim’s face when he saw the culmination of his creative efforts.

I made a postcard and a little booklet of the process for everyone to keep as a memento.

The project was commissioned by Jigsaw Homes.