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Open Cities 2009

Between 2007 and 2009 I curated the British Council’s OPENCities photography project. This was an international project which ‘explored how immigration can significantly contribute to city success.’ It was a research initiative that aimed to promote best practice and demonstrate how cities could benefit from new populations.

Part of the project has been the creation of a touring photography exhibition. I helped to recruit and brief emerging photographers from each of eight participating cities. In partnership with John and Orna Designs, the British Council and I developed an exhibition and catalogue from the photographers’ images and text.

The OPENCities photographers were:

Belfast: Anthony Luvera
Bilbao: Markel Redondo
Cardiff: Gareth Phillips
Dublin: Veronica Vierin
Düsseldorf: Liza Nguyen
Madrid: Amy Chang
Sofia: Victoria Knysh
Vienna: Martin Fuchs

The exhibition started its two-year tour at Düsseldorf Airport in June 2009.