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The Bond Board 2023

There’s been a lot in the news of late about the ongoing housing crisis. For the last few months I’ve been working with a Rochdale charity that supports those in private rented accommodation at risk of eviction. The Bond Board’s Tenants’ Advocacy Service is wonderful. They offer an empathetic, trusted service to their clients who are often in a very stressful situation. I interviewed, edited, drew and designed to compile this 28-page evaluation booklet.

‘‘Len is a talented artist and great listener, who has worked sensitively and compassionately with our vulnerable service users. We’re delighted with the evaluation he’s undertaken for us. The booklet is creative and engaging, telling the story of our Tenants’ Advocacy Service and enabling our users to have their voices heard in a very unique format. Thank you very much Len!’’

Alison Eastwood, Bond Board Development Manager 

Here are some of the spreads, or read the whole booklet online here.