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The Manchester Weekender 2011‑13

Described as ‘a weekend-long snapshot of the best the city has to offer’ the Weekender is a celebration of Manchester’s art and culture.

The ever-so nice organisers at Creative Tourist are always up for something a little out of the ordinary and so I stept in with ‘All in a Flash’.

The idea is to produce, within six hours, an exhibition from scratch. I inspire, motivate and then brief a group of enthusiastic participants who are sent off to make pictures which, in one form or another, are then exhibited before the day is out. It’s fast and furious, and great fun.

One year we were at Media City, the next we had a perambulatory exhibition in the Northern Quarter, and in 2013 the work was presented on an outdoor screen on Oxford Road. Phew!

“Len’s ‘Exhibition in a Day’ workshops are a Creative Tourist legend. This is because Len is not only creative and original, but also very generous with feedback and encouragement, gently persuading participants out of their comfort zones and into new skills and confidence: everything we look for in a workshop leader. My personal favourite was the flashmob exhibition – low tech, highly engaging, great fun.”

Alex Saint, director, Creative Tourist.