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Trees • Work 2014

It’s a project about trees but there’s barely a single tree in the whole exhibition.

Trees • Work was commissioned by The Mersey Forest during 2014 as part of their tree planting programme in Birkenhead. Their Dawn Redwoods and Indian Bean Trees ‘sprung up’ throughout a dockside industrial area and they used me as a way of engaging the local business community.

Panel beaters, engineers, interior designers, brewers, bus drivers and technicians were photographed and interviewed – about their businesses and about the trees – and the portraits exhibited at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Birkenhead from the 24th October.

The exhibition was launched on Thursday, 23rd October, to coincide with the 170th anniversary of the laying of the first foundation stone for Birkenhead Docks.

They are more than aware of the local heritage they’ve inherited. Any connection with the Lairds still carries kudos today. And rightly so. They did, after all, make Birkenhead.
J & M Profile Services Ltd

“We have a fabulous waterfront and Liverpool has a wonderful skyline, but the best view of that skyline is from Birkenhead, not from Liverpool. So, yes the potential is enormous.”
McEwan Wallace

“There’s nothing wrong with Birkenhead. It is what it is. It’s a hard-working, gritty town. But it does need to change. It has the potential to have a real future.”
Peerless Brewing Company Ltd

Trees • Work poster